Level crossing warning system

The Level Crossing Warning System (LCWS) is an end-to-end SIL 2 certified product that detects approaching trains using SIL 4 certified acoustic sensors. The acoustic sensors are mounted on the rails and listen for the distinct sound waves generated by approaching trains. The digital data is analysed by a nearby Control Unit, which activates the customer’s preferred warning devices at the appropriate time.

All components of the LCWS are installed at the the level crossing site, thereby reducing cabling compared to competing systems. This makes the LCWS quick to install and easy to maintain, all at a minimal life-cycle cost.


  • SIL2 certified by Lloyd’s Register
  • Suitable for single and double track
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced life cycle cost
  • Sensors installed on track in 15 minutes
  • Automatic reset after power loss
  • Train detection Sensors and Control Unit co-located at level crossing
  • Reduced warning time variance compared to axle counters and treadles
  • MTBF 20 years
  • Minimal cabling
  • Reduces risk by up to 60% at level crossings
  • Installation without service interruption
  • Alternative power options

The LCWS is CENELEC SIL2 certified (EN50126, EN50128, EN50129) and IEC61508 by Lloyd’s Register. The Sensor is CENELEC SIL4 certified.



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